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Independent, hard-working, wonder woman running her small creative business from Essex! British Illustrated Gifts Design | Greeting Cards | Homewares


Miss Meaney’s Ltd was founded in 2016 by designer maker Emily Meaney, aka Me (*does a little wave*). I'm based in Essex and proudly run my small business while juggling my full-time job.


I found wildlife and nature fascinating as a child and growing up i've always found myself drawn back to the seascapes and countryside I enjoyed as a litt'len. All my collections take inspiration from the natural landscapes, seascapes and British wildlife found across our soils.


Every element in each design is my own original artwork that has been hand painted in a combination of watercolours and inks. This is then digitally reproduced onto 100% natural fabric such as cotton and recycled paper. I use top quality printing manufacturers in the UK, all using sustainable sourced materials - something i'm very proud to be a part of and worked hard to fight for!


OUR STORY -----------


Fun Fact About Emily: When people ask 'if you could have a super power what would it be?' I say I've already got mine - I'm dyslexic!

Why am I so proud of my dyslexia? Like many i've had to fight hard to be where i am today, and i truly believe my dyslexia has made me the person I am today. It's given me the drive to push boundaries, dedication for my trade and passion to keep being creative.

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